KeepCup - Small

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This item is out of stock

This item is out of stock

The KeepCup is a stylish and practical lidded commuter cup that replicates standard takeaway sizes and fits under the group heads of espresso machines.

KeepCups are BPA free and non toxic. They have good thermal properties keeping beverages hot 20-30 minutes longer than disposable cups.

KeepCups are lightweight, dishwasher safe, microwaveable and splashproof. They have a sealable lid and sipper hole and are pleasing to drink from with the lid on or off. KeepCups fit into most car cup holders and many bicycle bottle holders.

KeepCup is the first barista standard reusable cup and the number one choice for sustainable coffee consumption. Many small acts can make a phenomenal difference.

NB: Colours will vary


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