Nesting Bowls - Set of five Nesting Bowls - Set of five

Nesting Bowls - Set of five


Five bowls, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Design House Stockholm, differ from each other however clearly belong to the same family. The bowls when used alone, each have their own shape, size and specific material according to its designated use. Together the bowls are a unified set, nesting inside one another for storage. The largest bowl is made from stainless steel and makes an elegant fruit bowl. The large bowl in dark-brown melamine is ideal for serving salads or for preparing food. The medium-sized bowl made of ovenproof white-glazed stoneware makes an excellent gratin dish. The small bowl in turned wood can be used as a container for caster sugar or snacks. And the smallest, cone-shaped bowl in green glass is useful as a container for caster sugar or for serving olives. Dimensions Stainless steel bowl D 39 cm x H 6.8 cm Melamine bowl D 31 cm x H 6.5 cm Stoneware bowl D 23 cm x H 6.4 cm Oiled solid ash bowl D 15 cm x H 5.2 cm Green glass bowl D 12 cm x H 5 cm
Pick up tongs Pick up tongs

Pick up tongs


The pick up tongs designed by Stig Ahlstrom created a universal kitchen tool that can be used for cooking, serving and even eating. The pick up tongs are available in three sizes to compliment their desired use; the largest tongs are ideal for cooking or serving, the medium serve as chop sticks and the small pair are perfect for serving olives or ice cubes for drinks. These are a great addition to the kitchen to assist with all areas of dining. They are made from bamboo with a stainless steel joint. Hand wash only. Dimensions Small L 13.5 cm, Medium L 26cm

Pick up tongs

from £12.00 - £16.00
Toupie salt & pepper Toupie salt & pepper

Toupie salt & pepper


The Toupie salt and pepper set provides a playfulness to the dinner table as the set is inspired by the shape of the spinning top. The generous shape of the salt and pepper shakers comfortably fit in the hand when in use. Made from stoneware and filled from underneath, this shaker set is a great simple, playful addition to dining. The design is reflective of designer Jessika Källeskog's association with sculpting forms and hands on design. Dimensions W 10 cm x H 7 cm  

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