• Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2011 Poster
Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2011 Poster

Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2011 Poster

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The Brit Insurance Designs Awards, "the Oscars of the design world," showcase the most innovative and forward thinking designs from around the world, spanning seven categories: architecture, fashion, furniture, graphics, interactive, product and transport.

This year's poster has been designed by Christoffer Persson, art director of Forsman & Bodenfors the graphic design agency behind Homemade is Best, winner of the graphics award in this years Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Awards.

Swedish Interactive graphics agency Forsman & Bodenfors were nominated for the Graphics Award by David Kester for their Homemade is Best cookery book and iPhone app produced for their multinational client of 15 years, IKEA. As part of a larger marketing campaign for Swedish brand, Forsman & Bodenfors realised that excitement for a new IKEA kitchens could be harnessed by influencing the consumers idea of life within it.

A colourful, visually exciting introduction to Swedish baking, Homemade is Best presents 30 recipes in an innovative new fashion. Taking inspiration from Japanese minimalism these carefully composed graphic still lifes bring the ingredients centrestage, the result being a playful new look at the traditional presentation of cookery.

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