• Clever Caps - Set of 10
  • Clever Caps - Set of 10

Clever Caps - Set of 10

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Nominated in Designs of the Year 2014

A bottle-top building block.

Clever Caps is a line of caps for jars, bottles and tubes that also work as building blocks. The product has two lives: one as a cap and one as a component for making many kinds of objects (toys, lamps, stools, boxes, wall panels and so on). This transformation occurs without additional energy consumption or industrial manufacture processes, requiring only the assembly of the individual, Lego-compatible pieces. What I like about this product is its ability to reduce garbage, while also allowing users to be the makers of their own projects. It is a simple yet smart innovation. Clever Caps are already being utilised in Agua Petropolis PET water bottles, with further licensing deals in the pipeline.

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