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  • Artist and sculptor, Eduardo Paolozzi was a unique and prolific cultural figure. His work was instantly recognisable and chronicles the significant changes in British art from the 1950s to the post-post-modern late 1990s
  • This imposing and stunningly illustrated hardback book provides an extensive overview of his prolific and complex work across from all periods and across all media including: sculpture, ceramics, tapestry, printmaking, collage and film
  • An Italian Scot, Paolozzie began his studies at Edinburgh College of Art, before moving on to the Ruskin Drawing School and later the Slade. In the 1950s he became a founding member of the Independent Group, though he resisted the 'Pop' label, preferring instead to see his ground breaking interdisciplinarity as an expansion and extension of radical Surrealism
  • Dedicating a chapter to each facet of Paolozzi's wide-ranging practice - including, in turn, his bronze, aluminium and public sculptures, as well as his early collages and his innovative screenprints - this book offers the definitive, illustrated, art-historical appraisal of an artist whose work continues to fascinate and inspire
  • Eduardo's The Head of Invention sculpture for Terence Conran rests outside the entrance to the Design Museum

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