• Globe gas grill
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  • Globe gas grill
  • Globe gas grill

Globe gas grill



Product details

  • Sculptural, simple and elegant globe design, whose natural shape acts as a windshield
  • Three individual burners provide even heat distribution
  • Integrated hand hole makes it easy to move the grill when not in use while ensuring ventilation when grilling
  • Comes with a unique dome lid, which makes it possible to create a fan oven effect in the grill
  • The dome lid has a built-in thermometer, and the grill can achieve a maximum temperature of 330-360°C
  • The legs can be removed when the grill is not in use, so that it takes up less space when stored away. Yet another smart detail. 

  • Materials: black enamelled steel, powder coated aluminium, PP plastic, bakelite & stainless steel
  • Dimensions: Ø72cm
  • Expected delivery: approx. 5-7 days

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