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Algue Green

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Product details

  • Algues are interior design components and decorative elements at the same time. A seemingly plant-like plastic object which is delicate and flexible yet very strong. In its own right, it works as a simple decoration element with a strange poetic character
  • The possibilities range from a delicate gossamer, which can serve as a trellis or light curtain, to almost opaque, thick plastic screens made up of multiple layers of Algues, for use as a room divider
  • Algue calls on the creativity of its users and although it is a standardised and industrially produced modular unit, still allows room for customised solutions
  • With the semi-transparent Algue, you now have the chance to work with an almost invisible room divider and play with light effects at the same time.
  • 25 Algues are needed for a 1m² light network structure. If the structure needs to be denser, it is recommended that you attach the additional connectors which are available as an optional accessory.

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