Watering cans

Aquastar Watering Can Aquastar Watering Can

Aquastar Watering Can


This minimalist watering can is designed to be on display so it is always ready to hand Takes up a minimal amount of space as the spout points straight up The pointed spout facilitates watering even small pots and produces an even stream of water Remove the spout to fill the watering can Materials: plastic and chromed plastic Dimensions: 42 x 17cm Volume: 2L Keep inside when not in use
Diva watering can

Diva watering can


The “Diva” watering can has a tapering shape thrusting upwards towards the top of the spout, almost an expression of movement even when the object is not in use Functional, yet pleasing to the eye and to touch Designed by Eero Aarnio Colour: white Materials: thermoplastic resin Dimensions:H31 x L28 x W10.8 Volume: 1.5L

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