• A Peeling Pale Can - 330ml
  • A Peeling Pale Ale - 330ml
  • A Peeling Pale Ale - 330ml

A Peeling Pale Ale - 330ml



Product details

  • Feeling yellow? A citrusy pale ale with a warm orange peel and loaded up with the freshest citra hops.
  • Kasper Ledet on the label design:
    “The artwork is both serving as a direct reference to the orange peel used in the beer and is also an attempt at creating some archetypical abstract modernist paintings. They are not actual painting but just graphic interpretations made with ink splashes that has been masked in rectangles. The “paintings” is placed so they almost goes all the way around the can and the viewer needs to turn it to see the entire artwork. The can is almost acting like a fictional gallery for fictional paintings.”
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