• Apollo Lampshade S-32
  • Apollo Lampshade S-32

Apollo Lampshade S-32



Product details

  • Apollo is modular pendant lighting range with multitude of possible configurations.
  • The system allows you to customise the breadth and intensity of the light as well as the overall aesthetic of your very own design.
  • The System consists of four different shaped shades that come in solid or perforated versions. They work great individually or in stacks of up to four at once.
  • The solid forms allow you to define the direction and spread of the light whilst combining perforated layers varies its intensity.
  • Sheets of 1mm aluminium are spun over 4 different formers and then punched to produce the openings and perforations. Each shade is then sprayed for a crisp, tough, white painted finish.
  • The shades simply stack one on top of the other and are secured in place with the ring of the lamp
  • They are designed to fit most standard lamp holders the world over.
  • The openings at the top of each shade means the parts can be easily rearranged over and over again.
  • Height 25.5 cm | Diameter 19 cm
  • There is approximately a six week lead time on delivery of this item.

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