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Chantarelle Vase



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  • The Chanterelle Vase was designed in 1946 by Finnish industrial artist and designer Tapio Wirkkala and takes it's name from the mushroom of the same shape
  • It is one of the greatest pieces of Scandinavian design and won the Grand Prix at the 1951 Milan Triennial
  • A very limited batch are produced each year making this vase a real collector's item
  • It is a careful balance between function and sculpture, with the incised repetitive lines in the body and the undulating lip creating a dynamic form, mimicking nature, Wirkala's first love
  • The vase is a strikingly elegant piece of glass art that is mouth-blown using the wheel-engraved technique, and would look stunning as an object in its own right or with an arrangement of flowers placed within

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