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Copenhague chair

Copenhague chair



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  • Hay's Copenhague Chair is two x two chair legs that meet in an inverse V and two moulded veneer shells that meet in the middle.
  • The sharply bent veneer consists of multiple delicate layers laminated with cheesecloth to make the shell extra strong and give the chair the springy flexibility that is essential in a backrest.
  • The technique was pioneered by the first cantilevered chairs of the Bauhaus school, but here, the university’s practical need for stackability has been incorporated into the design, which makes it possible to stack as many as eight chairs together.
  • The stackability also comes in handy in a private home, making it easy to store spare chairs for extra dinner guests

W 49 x D 50 x H 46/80 cm

Base: Solid wood with moulded plywood seat with plastic or felt gliders

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