• Eames House of Cards - small
  • Eames House of Cards - medium

Eames House of Cards - Original



Product details

  • Charles and Ray Eames designed House of Cards in the 1950s
  • These picture card decks have become universal favorites
  • Each card shows a different object, all of which Charles and Ray refer to as 'the good stuff', selected to celebrate 'familiar and nostalgic objects from the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms.'
  • The six slots on each card enable the player to interlock the cards so as to build structures of myriad shapes and sizes

  • Materials: cardboard FSC certified
  • Original - 54 cards
  • Medium - 32 cards
  • Card dimensions:
    Original 9.5 x 5.7cm
    Medium 11.5 x 16.5cm

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