• Face Off Cleanser
  • Face Off Cleanser

Face Off Cleanser



Product details

  • This 100% natural oil to milk 2-phase cleanser is your new staple for taking the day (or night) off
  • Face Off combines a blend of plant oils and mild plant-derived emulsifiers that completely cleans your face but won’t alter the pH or strip it of moisture. With the benefits of raw oils but the ease and mildness of a milk cleanser, even waterproof mascara is easily removed without the petrochemicals, alcohol, or astringents in traditional cleansers and makeup removers
  • Oil to milk cleansers are the most gentle and effective way to remove makeup and results in no pulling or dragging of the skin, especially the delicate eye area
  • Face Off doesn’t contain any nut oils and is fragrance free
  • The fresh spa scent from its light essential oil blend which has aroma-therapeutic properties for calming, balancing, purifying and stimulating
  • Face Off is vegan, cruelty-free, UK made, and uses recyclable packaging

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