• Geometrical Stole - red navy
  • Hilary Grant Stole
  • Geometrical Stole - mint navy
  • Hilary Grant Stole
  • Geometrical Stole - grey navy
  • Hilary Grant Stole

Hilary Grant Stole

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Red navy
Mint navy
Grey navy

Product details

  • This graphic stole from designer Hilary Grant is a combination of classic and simple styles with bold and contemporary graphic patterns and hues
  • The idea behind this pattern was to create a faceted effect using 3 different pattern gradients
  • Luxury knitwear designed to the highest quality to be cherished winter after winter
  • Knitted and hand finished in Scotland

  • Materials: 100% 2 ply lambswool
  • Dimensions: 15 x 186cm 

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