• Vitra Miniatures - Standard Chair
Vitra Miniatures - Standard Chair

Vitra Miniatures - Standard Chair

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  • The Prouve Standard Chair is lovingly reproduced in this 1:6 scale model as part of the Vitra Miniatures Collection.
  • The Vitra Miniature chairs are all one sixth of the size of the historical originals.
  • They are all true to scale and replicate the originals right down to the smallest details in construction, material and colour.
  • Not only have the design’s key points been translated in the miniature versions, but details such as materials, the natural grain of the wood, the reproduction of screws and elaborate handicraft involved have also been taken into consideration.
  • Dimensions: H13.5 x W7.0 x D8.0 cm
  • Delivery information: 4-6 weeks 



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