• Vitra Miniatures - Tulip Chair
Vitra Miniatures - Tulip Chair

Vitra Miniatures - Tulip Chair



Product details

  • Eero Saarinen's iconic chair is lovingly reproduced in this 1:6 scale model as part of the Vitra Miniatures Collection
  • The chair is true to scale and replicate the originals right down to the smallest details in construction, material and colour
  • Details such as materials, the natural grain of the wood, the reproduction of screws and elaborate handicraft involved have also been taken into consideration
  • The Tulip Chair is one of a series of chairs, stools, and tables developed by Eero Saarinen within a five-year period. The characteristic feature of the series is that the supporting structure has been pared to a central supporting stem 'like a wineglass' in order to emphasise the uniformity of table and chair
  • Scale: 1:6,
  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 13.4 x 8.3cm
  • Material: lacquered polyurethane and aluminium, fabric
  • Delivery: 4-6 weeks for this product

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