• Rivsalt grater and salt
Rivsalt grater and salt

Rivsalt grater and salt



Product details

  • The Rivsalt product family is designed by Swedish entrepreneur and designer Jens Sandringer.
  • Sandringer's inspiration came while dining at a Japanese Tippanyaki restaurant in Beijing.
  • Meaning 'grated salt', Rivsalt is a natural rock salt, originating from prehistoric seas which evaporated some 250 million years ago in the area of northern Pakistan.
  • Through the use of a Japanese stainless steel grater made of the highest quality, natural Himalaya salt is grated onto the dish.
  • The grater and salt become a centrepiece upon the dining table when placed in the accompanying desk stand that is made from untreated natural wood.

  • Dimensions:
    Grater H7.5x W5 x D0.1cm
    Base  H6.4  x D1.9cm
    Salt approx. 40-60g

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