• Spiral Tumbler Black Violet
Spiral Tumbler Black Violet

Spiral Tumbler Black Violet



Product details

  • Laurence Brabant Editions is a French glass studio created by husband and wife team Laurence Brabant (the designer) and Alain Villechange (the flameworker).
  • All of their pieces are hand-made and mouth blown without use of moulds or modifications.
  • With seasoned skill and precision they produce unpretentious, discreet designs through sophisticated, functional, simple objects.
  • A tumbler with a spiral décor and a coloured border at the opening.
  • White and Black - Violet glass canes with a blue border.
  • Presents the technique of the roll up with borosilicate glass canes.
  • Available in various sizes & style: A D: 76mm, H: 80mm B D: 57mm, H: 100mm C D: 68mm, H 120mm A2 D: 76mm, H 80mm

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