• The Corbyn Comic Book
  • The Corbyn Comic Book
  • The Corbyn Comic Book
  • The Corbyn Comic Book

The Corbyn Comic Book



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  • A collection of comic-strips on the subject of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that express the inspiration and hope which Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party has bought to mainstream British politics
  • Pollsters called it a foregone conclusion. Columnists said Theresa May’s snap general election wouldn’t just return her a thumping majority in the House of Commons – it would plunge the Opposition into existential crisis
  • For Labour MPs, concerns about job security in an age of zero-hours contracts suddenly felt uncomfortably close to home. And then something happened. Momentum got to work. Grime4Corbyn gathered steam. Clicktivists became door‑knocking, flag-waving activists. Jezza talked jam on The One Show and opened for The Libertines at Prenton Park. All this while Theresa turned into the Maybot and the Conservatives released a manifesto that looked bad for people and even worse for animals
  • Islington-dwelling socialist, bike-riding pacifist, green-fingered threat to the status quo: this revolutionary anthology captures the qualities and quirks of the Daily Mail's worst nightmare

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