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Tokyo tribal chairs & stools

£350.00 £600.00


Product details

  • The Tokyo tribal chairs and stools are made from solid oak and have some surfaces coated with plaster mixed using dark grey volcanic sand
  • The bamboo sections are patterned with light and dark brown markings, woven by artisans in the Philippines
  • Each of the woven parts has a slightly varied shape and pattern, and is incorporated into its furniture piece in a different way, as drum-shaped backrests for the wooden armchairs and body of the stools
  • Materials: solid oak and bamboo rattan
    Stool top finish: oak / volcanic ash
    Stool legs finish: stained oak
  • Dimensions:
    Chair A: W59 x D73.5 x H92.5cm
    Chair B: W59 x D78.5 x H79.5cm
    Chair C: W59 x D64 x H76cm
    Chair D: W59 x D69 x H96.5cm
    Chair E: W59 x D63 x H87cm
    Stool: W38 x D38 x H44cm

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