• Air Vase yellow and blue
  • Air vase pink and beige
  • Air vase white
  • Air vase black and white
  • Air vase - black
  • Air vase watercolour

Air Vase


yellow and blue
pink and beige
black and white

Product details

  • This is a paper vase that enfolds air, created by Torafu Architects, based in Japan.
  • You can freely change its shape to use it as a tray for small objects, decorate a vase, gift wrap a bottle of wine or present it as a piece of modern art
  • The thin and lightweight paper gives strength and resistance to the bowl
  • This intriguing bowl will catch your eye as the colours on each side of the paper create a different impression every time you look at it

  • Dimensions: D19.5 x H23cm
  • Package size: 20cm
  • Core Material: IlumiColor
  • Available colours: yellow and blue; pink and beige; white; black and white; black; 'moyamoya' watercolour clouding by artist Takehiko Inoue
  • Pack contains three air vases

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